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  • This beautiful book makes you look at the world in a totally different way!
  • It Will Teach You What You Didn’t Learn at School!
  • It will reveal a treasure trove of self-understanding and insight...✨
  • Yes, it will give anyone insight into themselves and others instantly
  • (I wish I knew this when I was 12...)
  • With 29 stunning Full-Color illustrations!
  • This book is a must-have for all families, schools, and world leaders!

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In our differences we complement each other. At the core, we connect with love...

- Albert Heemeijer -

Our approach to personal development is the most innovative way to discover and develop your own Core Qualities.

Start with "Know Yourself", then move to "Understand Others", and finally improve relationships!

We love variety. We enjoy a variety of ideas. We appreciate different points of view. We acknowledge the value in every point of view!

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Shawna Brown, our translator

I am proud to have my name displayed on the cover of this book,

and I can’t wait to see how it inspires a new set of young

minds. I hope that, through this translated version, Mission 9 finds a place in

the hearts and lives of the English speaking world as well ✨

Shawna Brown


Floor Heijmans, our illustrator

I am very grateful that I am allowed and able to do this work and feel humbled to receive the full confidence of so many. In order to be able to hold on to this feeling, I only do work that I support ✨

Floor Heijmans

Illustrator Mission9