The Core Quadrant will help people develop their personal Core Qualities

It is the most innovative approach to personal development!

Mission9 is a book that will make you see the world

in an entirely different light...

Where does war come from?

We don't need to look far....

Let us tell you a story....!

Discover a secret that can bring peace and help prevent wars!

Are you ready?

It’s 986 years into the future, and Earth has colonized 8 additional planets.

Each planet created a new society based on their most valued qualities

such as on Observia where people place high importance on logic, structure and science in their everyday lives,

or on Authenticum, where people value creativity, originality and beauty over all else.

But, the differences in mindset between the planets grew too great,

and the inhabited universe is on the verge of all-out war.

Nine children – one from each planet – are sent on a journey

in a last-chance effort to discover a way for the planets to find understanding

and cooperation before it is too late…

Amazingly, they discover that a secret can bring peace and help prevent wars!

Mission9 is an engaging and easy way for children and adults alike to get started

with the basic principles of understanding Core Qualities

and the benefit of using the Core Quadrant system.

It teaches not only that there is strength in the variety found in different types of people,

but also the importance of recognizing our similarities and working through our difficulties

to bring balance within ourselves and perhaps even peace!?

A book that makes you look at the world in a totally different way!

It will open a treasure trove of self-understanding and insight…!

Mission9 – The secret of the Core Quadrant, is a book with beautiful illustrations by Floor Heijmans

and is about the power of self-awareness and non-violent thinking.

A plea for tolerance, for and – and instead of either – or – thinking.

A book about the value of diversity and the uniqueness of each person.

Never before has Daniel Ofman’s Core Quadrant model been explained in such a clear and exciting way.

The planets in the picture! (scroll left & right)

Listen to the radiostations of the planets !

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The Secret

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